If you're about to graduate from high school, you're probably wondering what you're going to do with your future. Many people choose to head right off to college, while others choose to stay home and take some time off before they head out into the world. Unfortunately, not many realize that they could stay close to home and still get an education that will serve them well in the future. Trade schools are a great way to get that education, especially if you choose a dental assisting program. If you haven't given serious thought to becoming a dental assistant, you should. There are many benefits to be had from going into the dental profession straight out of high school. Here are four of those benefits for you to think about.

Great Pay Right Out of High School

One of the problems with that time right after graduation from high school is that most people are stuck in minimum wage jobs. Not only that, but those minimum wage jobs are usually in the fast food sector. Not that there's anything wrong with working in the fast food industry. It's just that there's no room for growth, the hours can be dreadful, and the pay is minimal. However, when you go to trade school to become a dental assistant, you'll be making great money right out of high school. In fact, according to statistics, you can expect to make over $16 an hour as a dental assistant.

Stepping Stone to Other Careers

One of the great things about becoming a dental assistant is that it's an excellent stepping stone to other careers within the dental field. For instance, after a few years, you could further your education and become a dental hygienist, or you could take it even further and become a dentist. While you're working as a dental hygienist, you'll be working along side dentists who will be able to give you the recommendations you'll need to get into a good dental program.

Opportunity to Help People

If you enjoy helping people, dental assisting is the career for you. When you're a dental assistant, you'll spend your day helping patients with their dental procedures. Some of them will be children who are afraid of the dental chair. You'll be able to help them overcome their fears and anxiety while you assist the dentist with their procedures.

Excellent Work Hours

Once you graduate from high school, you'll still want to spend time with friends, and enjoy a healthy social life. Unfortunately, if you end up with a job that has strange hours, you may not get the opportunity to go out and socialize very often. When you work as a dental assistant, you'll work normal daytime hours, which will give you nights and weekends off. If you go to work for an office that's open on Saturdays, you may have to work a few hours in the morning on your Saturday's, but the rest of the weekend will be yours.