Learning to fly a helicopter (rotational wing aircraft) requires classroom training and flight training. A trade school may offer a comprehensive educational program that will prepare a student for a rewarding job as a helicopter operator.

Aircraft Differentials

A helicopter operates differently than an airplane (fixed-wing aircraft). Hand, eye, and foot coordination are essential for piloting. The limited space within a helicopter cockpit and the complex digital dashboard features that a helicopter contains may make the initial thought of operating a helicopter a little intimidating.

A comprehensive training program's purpose is to educate aspiring pilots and make them feel fully in control when actively piloting an aircraft. Comparing what a series of training courses offer will aid in selecting a course that appeals to a new student. Basic training courses may all cover the same material, but may each offer unique training styles which may include flight simulation sessions, hands-on lesson plans, video lessons, and more.

Job And Classroom Requirements

If you would like to pursue a career as a pilot, you may want to explore job openings first. Job fields that require the use of a helicopter may vary and pay vastly different annual salaries. A job that is going to involve transporting medical patients could be much more demanding than one that will involve transporting freight. For this reason, a job applicant may need to receive specialized training based on the job field that the individual wants to get involved in.

An applicant who is going to attend a flight training program may not be required to have a college degree or any type of formal training. The course of study that is being offered will be outlined in a course handbook.

A new student will need to fill out an application prior to being provided with a classroom schedule. Participating in a pilot course will require that a student takes notes, pays close attention to visual presentations that their instructor provides, and study for quizzes and tests that are going to be administered during a training course program.

A trainee will need to conduct a set amount of flight hours prior to becoming a fully-fledged pilot. A course instructor may monitor a student's use of the skills that they have been taught during classroom lesson sessions. At the end of a course, a student who passes all of the requirements will be licensed and eligible to apply for pilot jobs that are of interest to them.

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